June 7, 2013

Nafisa 'Jiah' Khan

hari tu 2 hari tak on9 twitter,banyak benda yang jadi..
Dapat tau ni pun kat fb pastu baru check kt twitter..
Pelakon Bollywoos Jiah Khan mati,bunuh diri,dok gantung diri kt umah dia sendiri..benda ni jadi 3 jun aritu(rsenye),tp lambat plak tau..
Selama ni just tau nama je bb Maniacs selalu cite pasal dia..
Dia takde la femes sangat,tp ade gk la filem dia yg femes..ghajini,housefull,nishabd..
Katanya dia bunuh diri sebab tekanan,pasal career dia yg tak begitu baik sgt..
pastu sebab cinta..baru putus ngan bf..kesian gk pas baca pasal dia semalam..
Selalunya law pelakon yang tak femes sangat mesti sebab attitude dorang tapi saya tak rasa camtu..dalam kes Nafisa ni(dia lebih suka orang panggil nama sebenar dia) dia lain sikit..ni based on apa yg saya baca la,kawan dia cite..
Dia pun muda lagi,baru 25..normal la law sosial sikit..tak dapat plak nak share banyak pasal dia,just ada sikit je article pasal dia,jap lagi sye share..
 Dia ni islam rasanya tapi tu la bunuh diri..tertekan sangat..yang
sedihnya dorang cakap masa pengebumian dia takde sorang pun dari film industry bollywood yang datang..
Tau la tindakan dia tak elok tapi sekurang-kurangya hormati la dia buat
kali terkahir..masa dia hidup pun dia macam
dipinggirkan,terbaca gk kawan cakap dia ni sexy sikit..
Hurm tu hal dia,n maybe jugak dia pakai camtu atas
tuntutan kerja..she has a very good heart sebenarnya,selalu layan peminat
dia..hurm taknak cite banyak.just baca je la yg saya share ni k..

PictureThe Last time i met Nafisa 'Jiah' Khan
How i became a fan
Well i vividly remember in Grade 9 when i was in Boarding School, the trailer of Nishabd had come out and i was really very impressed with how it looked. Nafisa 'Jiah' Khan lasted in me a breathtaking first impression. That is where my love for Nafisa started. My friends then thought i was crazy to be looking forward to watch such a depressing looking movie but yet i was excited. It happened to be that i loved Nishabd, especially Nafisa's role and performance in it. So thats how my love for Nafisa started.

My interactions with her on Twitter
Well i must say i was a twitter addict back in the days during my Grade 12th. Annoying every celebrity till they replied to me was my ultimate Agenda there. Apart from Priyanka Chopra, Nafisa was the one i enjoyed tweeting the most. Also because she was responsive and that made my respect for her grow even higher. (PS: Check all her numerous replies to me on my twitter page's 'Favorite' section.) I remember her always having kind tweets for me and all her fans. And then one fine day she Follows me! Ecstatic as hell, i became one of her biggest fans. I always had sweet tweets for her. She always replied the same way. There was this one time when she first tweeted thanking all her fans for the support and she said how all their love keeps her going. Immediately after that tweet she herself tweeted, 'Especially Love @ParakramRana'.(sic) I really was touched that she thought of me without me tweeting her that day. And then seeing the few inactive Fan clubs of Nafisa, i decided that i had to make one for her. So lo and behold, i made the FC called @TheNafisaKhanFC. Believe me when i say it but Nafisa supported me fully on making this FC and she followed this Fan Club, the first thing when i created that account from twitter. She helped me gain some followers for the account. I mean what to say, she helped and supported me in every way possible. I remember the time when i saw her walking with Sooraj Pancholi in a mall but couldn't meet her that day due to some reasons, i sent her a Direct Message on Twitter telling her about how that guy better be a good person to be lucky enough to date her. She replied laughing and said not to worry as he is an awesome person. I did share instances from my personal life to her which she always supported me in a very casual and chill way. In other words, she always brought a smile to my face atleast once a week.
My few Meets with Nafisa
Well before meeting her for the 1st time, i had to confirm with her if i would actually get a chance to do so. It was a comic con festival where she came dressed as a Cat woman. Boy did she look gorgeous. Well before she came, she tweeted telling me that she would be there soon and how sweet i was to come and meet her. And then she arrived and i went running to her. This time i wasn't Dumbstruck but i was Numb-struck. I just said Hi and asked her for a picture. Understanding my situation, she just laughed and agreed to be clicked. She asked me how i was doing. We had a brief Conversation. She then attended her event of which i took pictures of which are below:
 So the event gets over and before she leaves she makes a point to hug me and thank me for coming to meet her. Well my day was made. Then i kept on bumping into her in Clubs, Malls etc etc. There was this event which she was attending that i wanted to photograph for my Fan Club in Twitter. Even then she was so worried and told me not to come as its pretty far from my place (So very caring of her). This was for Masaba Gupta's Satyapaul launch. I reached the event and very sweetly and guiltily Nafisa sent me a Direct Message telling me she wouldn't come as she had a Wardrobe Malfunction. I didn't mind, instead i was touched she messaged me. I bumped into her once at the Swedish House Mafia Concert and i remember being a little tipsy which made me go and scream 'Hey Nafisa'. She turned back and said 'Oh Hey, i was wondering who called me Nafisa.' (She loved being called by her real name) She introduced me to Sooraj Pancholi who seemed sweet to me. We also bumped into each other at the T-Pain gig at Royalty Club and she hugged me there too before we got clicked. Later did i know that it was the last time i would meet her before she passed away. (The 1st picture on top of this page is the last time i met her)

My message to Nafisa... 
I woke up to the worst possible news that you had passed away. My day couldn't have started more badly and sadly. You shouldn't have left this place so fast and so tragically. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. I hope i brought a smile to your face just like you did to me numerous times. You don't know how much i miss you. Will love you and respect your forever and ever till eternity. You were Beautiful, gorgeous, an amazing Actor and performer, a great singer and dancer. in other words, you were PERFECT for me. I hope you are happy where you are right now. Rest in Peace. I Love you Nafisa.

"The Jiah I Knew" - Siddhartha M Jain
By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Jun 5, 2013 - 04:28 IST
The shocking suicide of the 25 year old actress Jiah Khan yesterday has left the film industry in a state of shock. While celebrities and fans have been pouring in their condolences to the actress' family, a few made it a point to be a part of the late actress' last rites ceremony.

An obviously moved and saddened Siddhartha M Jain, who was a friend of Jiah's and was planning to work with her soon in one of productions, seemed upset with the limited turn out of Bollywood personalities at her funeral. Jain blogged about Jiah Khan on facebook and also vented out his anger towards her colleagues who failed to turn up for her funeral in Mumbai today. Following are the excerpts of the Siddhartha's blog on Jiah.

"The Jiah I Knew.

I still remember, sometime last year I got a call from Jiah's agency asking for a meeting with her. I quickly set up a meeting. I was expecting the Jiah I saw in Nishabd and had faint visions of her from Gajini and Housefull. But when she walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by her very cool, suave, stylish British/American personality. Very reserved, very proper. I think it was my strange office and silly humour that broke the ice.

We quickly had a series of meetings after that and in the process became friends. We had decided to work together, but provided we find that perfect script that could give her the positioning that she deserved. I noticed how guarded she was and beneath that was this young, talented girl who always felt betrayed by the world. She wanted success, but she also wanted to be happy. She was a kid. A young girl, thrown into our world of expectations, fake people and insensitivity.

I noticed how she would hide the real her from the world. She was very sensitive and emotional. She would sometimes want to enjoy the simple pleasures of being with her family and not wanting to work at an early age. But then her love for acting would fuel her ambitions and she really enjoyed performing. She felt she never got her due. She was always felt let down. She was the classic Pisces, imaginative, compassionate, selfless, sometimes weak-willed and easily led.

I remember having all kinds of conversations with her after we would quickly finish discussing potential scripts. She was very excited about the song, "Take Lite" that she sang and wrote for "Nishabd" and every time that topic would come, she would talk about how she wasn't happy with the way it turned out. Once she told me how she went looking for her granny's grave inDelhi and found it. We used to talk about her favourite TV shows like the"American Horror Story". She was very proud about how she can make the best pasta. We would discuss things like spirituality, intuition, destiny,the occult and everything under the sun.

All this in very few times that we met, for very few hours. We connected as people, as friends.We couldn't meet much, something which I regret now. I probably last met her 8-9 months ago when she graciously agreed to launch my calendar at an event in Mumbai. Since it was a fun comic book event, she asked me what she should wear, and I jokingly said Cat Woman. And that's what she came dressed as. She went into a strange cocoon in the last few months. Hardly any communication, she was withdrawing into a shell. I noticed it and was wondering why. I wish I had called her. I wish I would have met her and behaved like a friend. I thought she was busy. I was busy. But life waits for no one.

I got to know the real Jiah. The real Nafisa. I would always call her by her original name - Nafisa. She loved that name. I told her that people had told me to beware of Jiah but I realised it's the opposite. She needed to save herself from this harsh world of ours. I can never forget the the real Jiah, which was Nafisa.

And I must add my disappointment of almost seeing no one at her funeral, from the film fraternity."

ok,ni je la yang dapat kongsi,korang baca n nilai sendiri..yang pasti memang 
agak sedih bila tau banyak pasal dia..taktau la camne perasaan mak
dia masa jumpa dia dok tergantung tu..just jadikan pengajaran untuk
kita semua =) salam 

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