December 8, 2015

Draw my life

Busy weeks...and finally dah habis! 
Tak dinafikan memang too many things happened during this stressful weeks!
Jom cakap pasal my personal life..well tbh,I am currently tengah cuba untuk heal my heart,no more HE. Idk, maybe I am not good enough or maybe he never wanted me in his future. Damn hurt la kan,but why nak sedih lama2? 
Well I kinda proud of myself, selamber je tanya dia and told him me, kalau ada something yang bothering you and you asyik thinking about it, why not just let it go? tell him everything! Tak kisah la whatever the result is but at least you takkan regret sebab tak bagitau sume tu..I am happy that I am one of the people yang tak malu to tell people about my feeling. 
I admit that when he told me that he is finally managed to love someone, my life macam uwarghhhhh what should I do? It's over now...And now rasanya dah seminggu lebih since that night...
Actually there's a guy, dia macam the male version of me..dia tak kisah pun nak cakap pasal his feelings,he told me whatever in his heart...
Idk whether to give 'love' another chance or just go with the flow..
I'm not sure if this is what Allah has planned for me, should I accept it?? 
Sebenarnya malas taw nak fikir pasal ni, tapi hurm...

Okay next! 
Apart from that rasanya I am quite happy with apa yang I ada sekarang...
Thanks to Allah sebab bagi roommates yang bleh je join sekaki, merepek tengah2 malam...And now tak sabar nak g jalan2 dengan dorang, vacation vacation vacation!! Can I bring my boo along?? Plssssssss.....
Sebab dulu kitorang pernah cakap pasal this kind of vacation..and I really want to fulfil them..
Tapi 1 problem jela, she has her own friends...nak bandingkan dengan I ni memang hmmm...
Let me get this straight, I am a loyal kalau kawan dengan someone memang kalau bleh g mana2 pun I nak bawak that person..because to me susah kot nak jumpa someone yang willing to accept our flaws and still nak kawan dengan kita..So since i've found one,well actually banyak haha so why not kalau I try whatever I can to show that I sangat appreciate them in my life..

Hurmm tu jela kot...gotta go, sambung buat assignment..bye!

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